You search for a dofollow backlink ? Good news you can get even two !!! Once in the button and once as a text link. There are only three rules. Your site must have a SSL Certificate, it must be your start / mainpage and it must not be adult content. Send us via the contact form your link and three words that describe your site. Why we do this ? Because everyone else is taking money for nothing.

Our site is financed by donations and a little advertising. We check each page once a month for the rules. The dofollow link stays here forever. If you need a nofollow link you will find a link above. You think why here ? The site is new and has no traffic ? Because the more links here are the more people come back and check their links. Their friends come and look what is this for a page. You can also sell dofollow links on fiver and put them here for free. After your link is here speed it up with google search console, copy the link put it somewhere on your page. It doesn’t have to be public and don’t worry it doesn’t have to stay forever but for two months. After you have pasted the link let the google search console rescan your page. Google then immediately establishes contact between both pages and accelerates the dofollow link.